Chances of HIV infection from Massage Oil


Hi Dr,

I would like to Thank You for your generous service to the Worried individuals like me.I have got a generic question please answer me this might help lot of people who are in similiar situation like me.

I went to a Massage Parlor and lady poured lot of oil and occassionally she touched in between my thighs and rubbed my balls , also I noticed some Massage Oil also flowed towards my rectum canal, also she rubbed my balls . I verified her hands in clear light and couldn't find any noticeable sores/cuts , her hands are very fine I couldn't find any broken skin (atleast didn't noticed any blood).

Assume if she is in her Window period(i.e Viral load is high)

1.Will there be any chances of HIV virus in her sweat.?? 2.Will Massage oil mixed with her sweat if it enters rectum(anus) what are the chances of HIV infection ?

Please answer me doctor , I would like to Donate to this wonderful organization , I also did it in the past.

Thanks once again.



  1. Sweat does not transmit HIV.

  2. Nonexistent.

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Dr. Bob