I have been taking Celexa for 3 years due to anxiety and depression and it has worked well especially for the anxiety. But since I have been taking Stibild for the last 2 months, I notice little brain zaps which I know is from the Celexa- had them for a bit when I first stated them. My psychiatrist said to go up to 30 mg which I did today. But could Stribild affect the effectiveness of the Celexa or could it be a coincidence that this happened at the same time and perhaps after 3 years it was just time to up my antidepressant dosne


Hello and thanks for posting.

According to
Epocrates, there are no significant interactions between the medications in Stribild and citalopram (Celexa).

Seems like if you're experiencing new symptoms, it's unlikely to be related to medication interactions or side effects.