Hie.. I have been on ARV since 2015 my initial cd4 was 285 2016 it was 290 and be in 2017 it has suddenly dropped to 33 I live what I think is healthy life I don't smoke neither do I drink viral load has been undetectable since 2016 does this mean I am gonna be sick the moment I appear very healthy my height is 153 cm my weight is 65.7kg iam gainning weight..pose help what could be killing my soldiers or is there a way to boost my cd4..thank u


I wonder if that result of 33 is the CD4 percent and not the count. It would seem highly unlikely, given that you have an undetectable HIV viral load that your CD4 count dropped from 290 to 33 in such a short time. If 33 is the count and not percent, then it must be a mistake and your CD4 test should be repeated.