CD4 Count to low


My sister was tested positive last year and she was pregnet then. she started taking her meds last year and give a healthy baby this year , the baby is negative but her cd4 cound is declining and now is sitting at 168. does that mean she is HIV/Aids now ? and is it possible for her cd4 count to recover


Hello, thanks for your question and sorry for the delay for answer. I've asked my friend and colleague, Dr. Jair Garcia to compose this answer:

Your question is very interesting because we first thought that you was asking because of the CD4 count of your newborn nephew. Those carry us to study the CD4 count in HIV-negative children and discover that the CD4 count increased in birth, peaked at between 6 and 12 months of age, and then decreased gradually by 2 to 6 years. (1)

But reading again your question seems us to re interpret it and if you are asking for the CD4 count of your sister, that brings us to a women's HIV health rule: that the CD4 count does not decline in the postpartum period. (2)

So, responding your answers: yes, maybe she have AIDS now, and also yes: her CD4 count can recover if she takes the right medicines.

Hope she will recover soon.

Dr. Jair García-Guerrero

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