CD4 Count Decreasing


Dr. Holodniy, tested positive 10/19/99, was a recent infection based on the fact that I tested negative in 11/98 and 3/99. Initial numbers were 292/CD4, 21%, viral load 100,000. Started Meds (viracept, zerit, epivir) Dec. 3, 1999. Jan, numbers 494/cd4, 23%, viral load 460, Feb. numbers 424/cd4 21%, viral load undetectable (<400). I had my blood work done on May 2nd. I have gotten my cd4 counts back (talked to the nurse over the phone), but not my viral load. I am kinda distressed, my cd4 count was 383 and 26%. I have all expectations that my viral load is still <400, will find out next week. But I am concerned about my CD4 count. It seems to be decreasing not increasing. Should I consider interleukin 2 at this point or should I sit tight and see what happens with my next tests in three months? Thanks for all your help, having this site has had a positive effect (pardon the pun) on my life. Thanks, Anthony


Your percentage of CD4 cells continues to go up, which is a good thing. The biological and clinical significance of a change from 424 to 383 is probably not that great. The percentage change from 21 to 26% is. I wouldn't worry just yet. As long as your viral load is < 400. I would wait till the next visits results to better assess the trend.