I had hiv since i was born in 85 i was on medicine all my life last year i decided to stop my medicine because i was doing really well i recently had my cd4 count done it is 24 and my viral load is sky high i started new medicine treatment how long will it take for my cd4 count to go up and my viral load to drop i am considered to have aids now is it possible when my blood counts change i will be back to hiv positive and not have aids anymore thank you for your time


In general, the lower the CD4 count is when treatment is started the longer it may take to see significant increases. You don't indicate what your CD4 count was while on treatment. That will give you some clue as to how high your CD4 count will go now that you have restarted treatment. In general, most people who recover their CD4 counts to levels > 200 and maintain them are no longer considered to have AIDS anymore (from an immune system standpoint and risk of opportunistic infections).