CD4 Count of 450.


Hi Mark, i appreciate your time here and giving suggestion to we most worthy of it now.

I recently got infected and my recent CD4 count is 450 but Doctor did not check my VR load. I am due for my next check up on november. I am currently feeling very good health wise and taking diet prescribed by my Dietician.

i am hopefull that ill keep up with my immune like this for longer, but reality is i may have to start the treatment someday.

my question is if i start the treatment when my CD4 comes down to 350 in future, how long this medicine can keep me going. i recently heard that one cannot go longer on HIV meds and that meds will create some other complication and you will die of it. I am only 27 now. Please suggest.


Although you can afford to wait until November, HIV treatment would be recommended by most experts in someone with a CD4 count of 450. The potential for side effects of medications is outweighed by the long term benefit of HIV treatment.