CD4 Count of 113


Hello, I have a relative that was recently diagnosed with AIDS. Her CD4 count is 113. She is fighting a cold, has abdominal pain, yeast infections and thrush. It seems she keeps coming down with different illnesses. My question is, what are the chances of her being able to lead a normal life, or is she too far below normal CD4 levels to recover? My family is encouraging her to quit her job. From what I have read, people with levels this low, have been able to boost them and go back to feeling normal. She should quit her job and go out on disability, or will all this illness and sickness subside when she starts treatment and allow her to continue on with a normal life?


Hello and thank you for your post.

Your relative does indeed have AIDS with her CD4 count below 200; she should be getting ready to start on HIV medications as well as comprehensive medical evaluations.

I believe strongly that patients like her should be eventually able to lead normal lives, though this does require medications and very good adherence.

It follows that I don't believe that she need to file for permanent disability as this point, rather short-term disability could be appropriate, depending on her current symptoms and short-term medical issues.

I hope this helps and wish you and your family member well,