cd4/cd8 ratio


Hi Dr. Bob,

So my doctor thinks that I may have HIV despite my negative antibody test. He is in the process of running a RNA qualitative test just to make sure there is no false negative on the antibody test, but insurance is giving the run around. I have had various infections and there is a chance i may be immune-suppresed, hence why he wants to run a different kind of test. Anyway, he also ran a CD4/CD 8 ratio panel just to see. If I am infected it would have been almost 8 years ago. I just got the panel results back and he said they seem pretty normal, but I thought I'd check with an expert!
absolute cd 4 count 797 cd 4 % 49.8 absolute cd 8 count 328 cd 8 % 20.5 cd 4/cd 8 ratio 2.43

I had the test done very early in the morning.

Is there any chance that I could have been HIV infected for almost 8 years and have this kind of cd 4 panel without any kind of treatment? This doctor has me extra worried and any thoughts would help put my mind at ease!

Thanks, Worried


Hello Worried,

Your doctor thinks you have HIV despite your negative HIV tests? Hmm. And he's running a CD4/CD8 ratio panel "just to see"??? Just to see what, normal results??? That's exactly what your results demonstrate: normal, normal, normal. Worried, you don't need quantitative HIV PCR RNA testing. I agree with the insurance company on this one. What you need is a more competent doctor! The one you've got shouldn't have made it out of medical school.

Dr. Bob