causes of sensory neuropathy


although i have full-blown aids (cd4-134)my question is about my best friend who has been HIV+ for nearly 17 years, and his cd4 count is 851. he has been on a Combivir/Sustiva cocktail for 2 years. he is now experiencing pain and tingling from sensory neuropathy. recent blood tests have concluded that there is no dideoxynucleoside toxicity from the meds. can the disease itself cause this problem, or is it possible that our dr is missing something somewhere?


3TC (a component of Combivir) can cause peripheral neuropathy (drug related almost always involves the foot first-usually in a fairly symmetric manner). HIV can mimic that. Some vitamin deficiencies (i.e.vitamin B12) can cause neuropathy as can syphilis and some other infections. Often an HIV interested neurologist can be very helpful sorting things out. KH