What causes this mucous?


Dear Dr. Currier,

I was wondering if I could ask your opinion. I have been infectrd with HIV since July '98. Since October '98, I have had this constant mucous in the back of my throat along with

some on/off post nasal drip. It's always there though-like a ball of flem, and if I go walking I always have to spit it up in a cup. I rectly had an x-ray taken for Sinusitis and that was negative. I don't have a runny nose or anything like that, and one other thing the mucous coats my tongue and gives it a whiteish appearance. Is there anything I can do to stop my leaking head? Should I have a CT scan, or MRI done, or is this something I should get used to living with?

Thanks for all you do here!



The post-nasal drip and mucous in your throat may be due to allergies (it's called allergic rhinitis). There are allergy medicines, some combined with a decongestant, that can help if this is your problem. Not everyone gets 100% relief from medication, so youmight still have some symptoms, although hopefully you'd feel alot better.