Catch STD by Viginal discharge


Dear Doctor,

I always have viginal discharge. When i go to the toilet and urinate, sometimes my discharge will stick onto the toilet seat ( But the discharge is still attached to my viginal, it did not completely drop and stick on the toilet seat, instead it just touch the surface of the toilet seat.) My worries is when i wear my panties back and the discharge get back into my viginal, will i get any STD this way if the toilet seat is dirty with other's ppl urine or discharge that contain STD virus / Bacteria like HIV, Herpes, syhphilis , clymadia etc. ?


Hello- I'm actually having a hard time envisioning this scenario but assuming you pee the old fashioned way (sitting down, toilet lid up), I see no possible way that your vaginal discharge could get infected from any other person with any STD. I would however, see a health care provider to better understand the cause of your profuse (and likely bothersome) vaginal discharge. Perhaps they can help.

Take care,