Dr, I was exposed to HIV via condom breakage on October 31'st 2009 and was tested out to 6 months via point of care finger prick test (INSTI). I tested at 6 weeks 3 months and 6 months however I am cocnerned of some symptoms which I am not sure are the effects of either HIV or Anxiety.

First of all my skin has become oily, I have developed 2 chalazions between my 3 and 6 month test. Finally on may 10th or so I got two canker sores in my mouth, which I have heard are indicative of HIV serconversion. I get canker sores on and off since I was young definatley before I started having sex every couple of months until now, but now of course I am wondering if it is an indicator.

What other tests can I do? I am going to go for a regular Elisa instead of the rapid tomorrow. My last point of care was May 19th negative. I am afraid to do a pcr because of the long process time 3-6 weeks in the provincial lab.

kindly give me advice


From what you describe I would not be worried about having acquired HIV from that possible exposure in October. Having a negative test more than 6 months out is all that would need to be done. The canker sores preceded the exposure and continue. They are caused by herpes simplex and can be dealth with separately....they are very common and mostly occur in people without HIV. A PCR would not add anything at this point and could confuse matters if it is falsely positive.

Best, Joe