candidial balanitis,lack of balance / walking, heavy head,pain/pain in lower legs


I am an indian male developing incurable candidial balanitis.what are the possibilities of it being AIDS? I am applying anti fungal clotrimazole since last 20 days which has rapidly improved up on the red spots of the size of needle point all over the glans tip with persistent itching & burning sensation. what about if it is possible to avail HAART therapy in INDIA.If yes how much would it cost. If some rehabilitation programme is being run by charities let me know about .If there are good physicians available please inform if they are efficient to tackle opportunistic infections .since then I am continuously neck stiffness,heavy head & some red coloured ,small 1square cm area, painful spots on my back head close to ears & one on the top of head,burn in right & left halves of lower abdomen while walking in sunlight,some pain in the chest region between the breasts.often the inflammation/burning sensation manifests itself almost every part of the body,without itching feel/without superficial rashes/flaky skin on the affected parts.



Candidal balanitis might be associated with HIV infection -- the important thing first is to find out if you really have HIV or not, so I advise you to seek testing. Unfortunately, I cannot give you any specifics about the cost of HAART in India -- in the U.S., it is about $12,000-$15,000 per year. Likewise, I do not have information about knowledgeable physicians in India, but I am sure they exist. You would do best to access information from the Internet that is specific to India. Good luck!