Can You Get HIV From Masturbation?

The risk of getting HIV through masturbation (wanking, frigging, fingering, a hand job) is so small that it's really not worth worrying about.

If you're doing it on your own, the risk is ZERO, with no if's or but's.

If you and a partner are masturbating each other, there's a low, theoretical risk if your partner has HIV infection. If a hand has direct contact with infected semen or vaginal fluids, and then that hand has contact with the urethral opening of your penis or the inside of your vagina, it's just about plausible that an infection could be passed on. It's also theoretically possible that a cut on your hand could provide an opening to infected fluids.

These are theoretical risks. Only one case like this has ever been reported.

And if your HIV-positive partner is taking effective HIV treatment and has an "undetectable" viral load, there will be virtually no HIV in his or her sexual fluids, making transmission even less likely.

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