Can You Get AIDS From Someone's Blood Touching Your Open Sore?

HIV transmissions as a result of one person's blood entering another person's open sore or wound are theoretically possible, but in practice hardly ever happen. Only a handful of cases have ever been documented.

Assessing the Risk

It's true that if an HIV-positive person's blood enters the bloodstream of another person, HIV may be passed on. For example, this often happens when syringes and needles used to inject drugs are shared. Transmission following limited contact -- for example, blood touching an open sore -- is much less likely.

If you are concerned about an incident in which you had contact with another person's blood, it's worth noting a few points:

  • If the blood came into contact with undamaged, unbroken skin, there is no HIV risk whatsoever.
  • HIV is not transmitted through surface scratches, such as paper cuts.
  • A cut or wound that is in the process of healing and scabbing over is unlikely to allow entry of the other person's blood.
  • HIV does not survive long outside the body, so the risk from blood left behind on objects is minimal.
  • The handful of documented cases of HIV transmission involving fights or accidents have involved serious injuries and profuse bleeding.

It's also worth asking yourself if you have any reason to believe that the person who shed the blood is living with HIV.

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