can vaginal thrush lead to oral thrush?



I'm scared. I have had a yeast infection (vaginal) for over 6 years. It didn't itch, so I didn't bother much about it. I tried to get rid of it twice - very far apart - but both times it came back. I now have flat red wart-looking things at the back of my tongue. They don't hurt but from what I"ve read they look like it could be thrush. How long does it take for oral thrush to get the creamy stuff and painful? Is it possible that I'm not HIV+ (I"m afraid to get tested) and the oral thrush is a sign that the vaginal thrush has spread after so long? If i go to a doctor and it is oral thrush I'm afraid they will suggest that I get tested. I'd rather do this anonymously for now. HELP!


Vaginal candidiasis is a common condition in the immunocompetent (HIV-) population. There are very effective therapies available for management of this condition. For people who have recurrent infections, there are ways of preventing recurrence. My first suggestion would be for you to visit for primary care provider or your OB-GYN to follow-up on your vaginal infection.

The "flat red wart-looking things" you describe at the back of your tongue sound like part of the normal anatomy of the tongue known as circumvallate papillae. Vaginal candidiasis does not spread to the oral cavity of the person with the vaginal infection. It is possible for immunocompromised individuals to have both vaginal and oral candidiasis.

If you are unaware of your HIV status, then I would suggest you have an anonymous test, then go to your primary care provider and have the issue of your recurrent bouts of vaginal candidiasis addressed.

I hope this information proves helpful.