can two hepatitis b patients get married?


Two intending couples had been tested positive to hepatitis. can the two get married. Pls provide all available alternatives to this question. Thanks


I am assuming that you mean you are both patients with chronic hepatitis B infection. You can certainly get married. During the time near when your wife wants to get pregnant, she will need careful follow-up to prevent transmission to the baby. This is managed with immunization. However, prior to this, she may want to get treatment to prevent fetal transmission and to resolve her own infection. That is for further discussion with her physician.

As for sexual transmission of HBV...You need to be aware that there are infections where viral mixture and recombination can occur (like in HIV). I am not aware of any data on this, but you should both discuss this theory with each other and whether you may want to use condoms unless you are trying to have a baby. That is a decision that you would have to discuss with each other and with your advising physicians based on your level of viremia (HBV DNA in blood).