Can i trust the results for an HIV elisa test after 7 and 10 months??


hello docs, you are doing a tremendous job here!! congrats

here is the thing, I had unprotected sex with a girl of unknown status a year ago back in july 2009.....went through surgery in September (Varicicele) and took antibiotics for 3 weeks or so.....after a couple of months swelling of testicules werent subsiding so went for another round of antibiotics, I was getting nervous for the incident and took one ELISA test in February 2010 and came back negative.

would the surgery affect antibody production??

any way i took another test in july 2010 for peace of mind and also came back negative but i;m still worried, am i being paranoid, mostly because I still have swelling and discomfort from surgery but its been long enough!! should i forget about the incident and move forward, thks for your comments



Surgery doesn't affect HIV antibody testing. If you're negative at 7 months and haven't been exposed (really) since, you can trust the negative results.

Be well (and safe), BY