can I be tested for hiv for a civil service job


I am applying for a position for the Las Vegas police Department.I am in great health and have been for a long time. I have passed most of the requirements for this position but the last being a medical exam.It states they perform routine blood work. Can they or will they perform test for my hiv status or will they ask me about certain drugs that show up in my urine or blood, and can any of this be used against me in any way shape or form for not hiring me? HELP


"Routine" blood work does not usually include an HIV test. If you are being tested for HIV antibodies you should be notified. As for the drug testing, anti-HIV drugs (protease inhibitors, reverse transcriptase inhibitors) should not trigger any response in a routine drug test. Please consult an AIDS attorney in your area before disclosing your HIV status to your prospective employer - you can't take it back. Legally, the ADA protects you from discrimination in the workplace -- and that includes the hiring process. Remember, you must be able to do the essential functions of the job!

Best of luck and be careful!

Lynne Gabriel