Can I take Anavar with Atripla


Hi Nelson, thank you for your previous help. I would like to know, been HIV for 18 years, on atripla for 3 yrs was on antidepressant for 4 yrs and now off them for 5 wks, yahoo. Can I take Anavar, to try and stip some of this belly bloating gut, just so over it... I'm 55yr my cd4 is 1100, viral undetectable. I also want to take Testostrong to get back normality, I used to be a sprinter (running) and do all the gay games, man not any more what can I do.... I'd like to remain young and youth full ha ha we are so vain,I'm smiling happy and striving for life ..look forward to your response Steve


Anavar is oxandrolone (old brand name: Oxandrin). It has been studied in HIV at 20 mg per day along with exercise and 100 mg per week of testosterone to increase lean body mass. It can cause reversible increases in liver enzymes and red blood cell volume. It can lower good cholesterol (HDL) and your own testosterone production. It is usually used for 8-12 weeks along with testosterone. You should have all those variables monitored by your doctor monthly.

They did not find any interactions between that drug and HIV medications in several studies.


Oxandrolone and HIV Meds