can systematic candida affect ELISA test?


Hello, im suffering from systematic candida for several years. I went to do an HIV rapid test using a blood samples, waited 30min and found NEGETIVE. the lab also sent my blood to an ELISA test and im waiting for the results. I'V heard that systematic candida can cause an ELISA test the be false-positive or inconclusive,that because candida antibodies are very similar to hiv antibodies .

is that true?

i quote: " Independent data show that p24 proteins, the basis for the ELISA antibody test, have been found to cross react with a wide variety of uninfected human tissue and blood samples from other disease states. For example, antibodies to candidiasis and mycobacterium infections cross react with p24


Hi there:

No, that is not true. Your test result would not be affected by your Candida. That information is incorrect.

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