can I stop testing and get on with my life?


Dr. Bob,

I have asked this question two times already with no response hopefully the third times a charm. I did something very stupid and had one episode of unprotected sex with a guy I work with. I started feeling guilty and decided to get tested. I tested 3 times at 9 weeks, 13 weeks and 24 weeks, all tests were negative. I thought at the time that 24 weeks was considered 6 months but now I'm not sure. If you count 6 months by weeks 24 weeks seems to be ok but if you count it by actual days in a month I may have tested 12 days to soon. I am very worried about this and hopefully I will get a reply from you saying that I can WOO-HOO after this last negative test and finally get on with my life. I will be stressfully awaiting your reply.


Dear "Stressfully Awaiting,"

All you really needed was a 3-month test. But to answer your question, 6 months counted as 24 weeks or in days (plus or minus leap year, before you ask) is all the same. The immune system does not have a built-in date and time stamp like your digital camera! Yes, WOO-HOO with my full blessings!

Stay well.

Dr. Bob