can I still work as a physician?


Hello dear Dr.Young, I'm 36 years family physician newly infected with HIV. My question is , with the new medication would it still possible to work as a general practitioner without exposing myself to a life threatening condition?Thank you for your answer.


Hello and thanks for posting.

Sorry to learn of your recent diagnosis, but know that with current care and treatment, you can live a normal quality and most likely, duration of life.

Moreover, there's no particular reason why you shouldn't be able to continue to work as a medical doctor. There is abundant evidence that people with undetectable virus don't transmit the virus to others (check out the U=U campaign. If you live in the US or in at least a few other countries (the UK and Canada, for example) medical boards allow poz physician and other medical providers to work.

I hope that this is helpful. Be well, BY