Can somebody help me please?


Hello doctor, I am a guy in my early 30s. I have never had sex in years(up to 8 to 9 years) but I masturbate a lot on my own. I have a very bad OCD which is the main reason why I have not had sex. i have tested many times with negativity. I have a fiancée now whom our wedding date has been fixed. Last week, i had an encounter with a lady friend. I played with her breast, touched her bottom inside pant but cant remember feeling any liquid or moisture on my finger. I continued to play with her breast alone. I wanted to touch her pants in the front when she told me that she was on her period that i don't want to go there. All went like that. I did not finger, kiss or have any sex with her and i did not touch any pad. When i was going home, i used 63% alcohol based hand sanitizer to rub my hand. There i felt a little sting on back of my finger where i sometimes do have hangnails( tining layers scraped off my skin). I did not see or expect any sign of blood in it as it happened itself without any scratch caused by me. So, i began to frick out that may be my hand touched some of her spilled menstrual blood on the pant in the back while i was touching her butt. Please, i am dying of thinking about it. Is there any chance that if at all my finger touched the blood(which i did not notice or see)the blood might have penetrated that scraped skin and cause infection like hiv or std to me. Please, your professional opinion is needed. This scrape thing happens to me all the time that i don't even know. How can i stop it? Thanks GOd bless.


Hi You are not at risk of HIV from what you have described. HIV transmission can only occur when there is a direct and prolonged exposure to body fluids, semen, vaginal fluid, blood or mother to child through breast feeding. This most commonly occurs through unprotected vaginal or anal sex and sharing of needles. Casual contact, sharing utensils, drinking after someone, etc are not way for HIV transmission to occur. If you go to this link HIV101 it will take you to our page that talks about the ways in which HIV is and is not transmitted.

Be well and stay safe, Shannon