Can Sermorelin or Magnesium increase/effect viral load


Earlier this year. My viral load was undetectable. My last two visits my viral load has been detectable. the only thing that Ive added in my daily regain is Sermorelin and Magnesium Malate pills. I was on Stribild and switch to Genoveya. Can either of these two effect meds or viral laod


Magnesium can decrease the absorption of integrase inhibitors, even in the presence of a booster like cobicistat. Stribld is made up of an integrase inhibitor, a booster, and Truvada (two nucleosides).

Sermorelin is a growth hormone releasing peptide. This type of products has been used in HIV lipodystrophy without virus blips in several studies.

I answered this question before. It is unfortunate that many patients do not tell their doctor about supplements they are taking and some doctors know little about supplement-medication interactions.

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I hope this helps.

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