Can you read palms doc?


Hi Doctor, I have read your forum for a while now, and think the work you do is truly fantastic! My thoughts were with you when I read about the death of your brother, and I send with this question my deepest sympathy, and a juge cyber hug which i hope find there way well. My question is, I had unprotected sex, (insertive anal,im a gay male), with someone of unknown status,and have been experiencing a number of symptoms I am worried about. One of the most peculiar, being extremly blotchy pamls, I have searched the forum, but can find little on this, just a couple of mentions in passing. Are extremly red/brownish blotchy palms a symptom of ARS? The blotches disappear if I elevate my hands, but come right back when I bring them to my side. I tested negative at six weeks and just over three months, but am still concerened, as I also have other symptoms, including swollen glands in groin and neck,(diagnosed by doc), sore throat, and frequent loose stools...all of the above persistant. I would be ever so grateful if you could answer my question about the palms, my doctor doesnt seem to have a clue what it may be!...and im going beside myself with worry, i know you get stacks of e mails daily, but would be eternally thankful for an answer! Thanks once again for your work doctor, people like you give cynics like me faith in humanity. I have donated in the past, and will continue to, thanks again doc. Worried well UK.


Hi Worried Well UK,

Blotchy "pamls"??? Hmmm . . . .

As for blotchy palms, there are a variety of medical conditions that can be related to this finding. It is not a common ARS symptom. In fact, that you have tested HIV negative out to three months would indicate HIV is not the cause of your symptoms. If your doctor "doesn't seem to have a clue," perhaps you should get a second opinion. There are many potential causes for swollen glands, sore throats and loose stools. Don't immediately fixate on HIV! Remember not every headache is caused by a brain tumor! Also, although I'm confident you've learned your lesson by now, don't forget future episodes of this type of anxiety can be easily avoided by using a latex condom!

Good luck, UK-Guy. Keep me posted if your second opinion doesn't shed some light on your problem. Also, if you continue to fret about HIV, the option to retest at six months is also open to you to calm any residual fears.

Thanks for your donation ( In return, I'm sending my good-luck/good-health karma that you'll soon be right as rain, OK Mate?

Dr. Bob