Can i prevent HIV transmital by urinating and washing up immediatelly after sex


Dr. Fracino Please help me I'm losing my mind.

I recently had unprotected virginal sex with a woman I don't know.I believe she is super promiscuous because when I first saw her she was topless at the pool and with her husband. She flagged me into her room and we had sex. We had to hurry because her husband could have walk in on us at any minute, so it was very fast. Right after I ejaculated I immediately pulled out check for any cuts, nicks etc...and ran into the bathroom to wash my penis and the urethra entrance. I also urinated with force on purpose. It was the first time I had ever done something so stupid before. This incident happen Nov 1, 2010. Now I'm afraid that I might have gotten the HIV virus. I am a married man and don't use a condom with my spouse however, now I can't have sex with her without knowing what my status is. So my question is did I minimize my chances by washing and urinating right after? If so what is my percentage? I know there is a study that you mentioned in one of your passed answers (I've been reading all of your answers) of woman to man transmitting is 1 to 1000. Did I help my chances.



You had "virginal" sex with a married promiscuous woman??? Hmm. How is that possible? Let's assume you had vaginal as opposed to virginal sex, OK?

Urinating after unprotected sex does not decrease the risk of HIV. I would advise you level with your wife and use latex condoms with her until you can reconfirm definitively your HIV-negative status with an HIV-antibody test at the three-month mark.

Good luck.

Dr. Bob