Can PN and Tinnitus be HIV related?


Hi Dr Bob! Hopefully you will have a few moments to answer my concerns. I have been having the 2 symptoms listed above for about 1 year. I am a straight male who had Oral Sex performed on my by different women. I am safe when it comes to actaul sex but the BJ was unprotected. I had some Neuro tests performed on my feet for the tingling and they came back negative and I am seeign a specialist for the Tinnitus. Do you think if either Dr. thought this was HIV they would have said something. I have searched the archives and the web and it seems that others have similiar symptoms. With your knowledge of the medical field can you please help me? A donanation is already on the way for your efforts.

Have a great weekend!



First off, whether you're straight as a lawn dart of gay as Macy's windows at Christmas time, oral sex carries only a minimal risk, at best, for HIV transmission.

Next, "tingling" is a symptom that can be caused by many different illnesses, including anxiety. Peripheral neuropathy (PN), on the other hand, is a specific diagnosis that can include "tingling" as a symptom, but has other distinct neurological features that can be demonstrated by performing certain tests. For instance, the Achilles heel ankle reflexes are absent in PN. If you had "neuro tests" done, which are negative, I have to assume you do not have peripheral neuropathy, but rather just "tingling" unrelated to PN.

There is a similar algorithm for tinnitus. It can be caused by many underlying conditions. Whatever the underlying cause, tinnitus is not an HIV-related symptom. (Peripheral neuropathy, which you don't have, can be HIV-associated.)

Bottom line: do I think your tingling and ringing in the ears is HIV-related? Nope. I do not. One very quick way to prove that is for you to get an HIV rapid test. You'd have your result (negative, I'm quite sure) in hand within 20 minutes. Once your fears of HIV are quelled, you might also find that your tingling and ringing magically subside. And even if they don't, you'll at least know they are not related to your two blowjobs.

Thanks for the "donanation!"

Stay safe and you'll stay well.

Dr. Bob