how can i manage viral load without meds?


hi nelson,

thanks so much for your positive responses on these forums. it's inspiring to read what you encourage people to do here...

i have a question in response to a post you responded to recently about what we can do (we who are not on meds yet) to take mentioned to make sure your viral load is in check (less than 20,000 is your suggestion) -

at my first test, mine was 30,791 and my second test found it at 37,000 something.

i am a healthy eater, positive thinker, exercising more, taking some good supplements (selenium, and some oligo elements that my doc here recommended) - but what else can i do to 'manage' my viral load? or is that all? i would love to know if there's a magic workout formula/food/supplement, but then again if you had that answer, we wouldn't be here asking questions!

thanks again, ben



Unfortunately, a healthy life style does not ensure a low or reduced viral load. Keep doing what you are doing but talk to your doctor about starting treatment. We have very friendly combos nowadays that have lower toxicities than in the past.