Can HIV be transmitted via micro-abrasions?


Hello, I have read on this website that HIV transmission via used razors is possible, though unlikely. I am concerned because I recently had an experience with a dominatrix at a "dungeon" where she shaved some of my hair off. The razor did not look dirty. It looked new (disposable). She did not cut me either. I understand that it is possible to transmit HIV if the razor is used by someone who has HIV and they cut themselves and then you use it and cut yourself too. Maybe I am a hypochondriac, but I am still unclear. Viruses are very small and I am concerned that a razor that is infectious may not necessarily look infectious or bloody. Could you transfer HIV on a razor to micro-abrasions? You know, really small cuts that you can't even see.



You have no concerns about a dominatrix in a dungeon wielding a razor, but you're freaking out over the mere thought of contracting HIV via micro-abrasions from razor cuts you could not even notice????? Hmmm . . . dude, it's time you considered reprioritizing your health risks!

Your HIV fears are unfounded. HIV does not survive very long outside the body, for one thing. And you mention the disposable razor looked new and you did not get cut. Although I do not feel it is at all necessary, if you remain worried about HIV, get a single HIV-antibody test at the three-month mark to put your unwarranted fears permanently to rest. And if you still can't stop worrying, I'll have to come over there and give you a spanking, you naughty boy you.

Dr. Bob