Can HIV be transmitted from body fluids (including blood) splash


Hello. I am a nurse in the CV-ICU (cardiovascular ICU) and a few days ago we had an HIV positive patient who underwent CABG. CABG is quite bloody and the patient had chest tubes attached to him. I was in charge of another patient in the unit but then I learned that the nurse who was in charge of the said patient who is HIV + was discarding the urine along with the blood drained from the chest tubes to the toilet bowl where I urinated. I became really paranoid about this since I am married and I have a baby.

Just a bit of a background, when I urinated there was no visible blood inside the toilet however I am not 100% sure about that. And when I confronted the said nurse she said that she double flushed the toilet.

My questions are: am I at risk of contracting HIV because of the said incident? Do I have to get tested (please specify the said tests)? And if so, when? Do I need prophylaxis? Thanks so much and more power.



Your HIV-acquisition risk is nonexistent. Neither worry nor HIV testing is warranted.

Dr. Bob