Respected Dr,Im worried about an incident happened at message centre one year back.Please advice me whether Im at a risk of HIV or not.At massage centre I was given a small towel to kept on to my penis.After three minutes of body messaging,she poured a white fluid on my penis for hand job and musterbated me.Then I wiped out my penis head(semen) by the towel I was wearing.Now Im afraid if another customer also had used the same towel just four minutes before me and if his body fluid(semen) was there in the towel,while whipping my penis head,those fluid(other customer) could be get into my body via penis & if the fluid have been contaminated with HIV+ and the sex workers put it on my penis for hand job and I ejuculate the semen after musterbatingon it.It is possible that my semen will join with the HIV+ virus and transfer into mu urethra.At present I am having lots of health problem after that,as soon this happened immediate from 2nd day I got UTI infection which troubled me for the last 3 months.After that I got three times simplex herpes(cold sores) behind the mouth & nose,At present I am having severe back pain (behind the spinal cord)& urinary disorders low grade temp & white patch on to my tounge.I am having Bowel pathology For the last three years for which I am on medication.Please help me doctor!!Please answer doctor!!I want to back to normal.


Hello there No, you can not get HIV from touching an inanimate object. Transmission of HIV from a contaminated surface would require massive exposure to blood or other infected liquid from prolonged period of time. In your case, the towel in question would have had to be soaked with an HIV infected fluid which you then proceeded to rub into an open wound on your body. This was not the case. For more information about how HIV is or is not transmitted see: take care LHW