Can HIV progress to Aids in 90 Days based on my Labs


I am 26 yr old white female yrs in good health as of yesterday but today I just got my labs back. I was recently co-infected about 60 days ago and all my initial tests/HIV etc have come back negative. I have been stressed out due to this. Also, due to a cold, my physcian ran a WBC diff test on me including some meds for my chest infection. A week later I also develop oral thrush.

Well I just got my WBC meds back and was shocked at what I saw. The results indicated that I have Aids from a longterm HIV infection "from Web Dictionary on lab results". Thers is no way I had HIV before. I have not converted yet (blood and Rapid Test done) so the million dollar question is can HIV progress to Aids in 60 days or the labs just indicating that my CD4/Cd8 count are being effected. What do they mean.

NEUTROPHILS High - 79.1 45.0-70.0 % LYMPHOCYTES Low - 16.3 25.0-50.0 % Eosinophil Low - 0.1 1.0-3.0 %

Should I be concerned or are these type of results what would be expected with Acute HIV/HCV infection or do I have Aids. Will this improve without treatment or has my immune system been destroyed already. I was hoping to stay of meds for a few years at 450-500 CD4 count and based on these initial numbers, should I run to the doc and get meds? What happened to the 8-10 years average... Could this be possible.

Please help me understand all of this.


I don't understand how you know you are HIV infected. Based on what evidence?