Can HIV particles rest in nose hair & become reactivated if nose bleeds?


Hello Doctor Bob,

I know my question might sound a bit looney tunes maximus. But I wouldn't be asking if I wasn't worried. Thank you sir.

Could I get HIV if I inhale an HIV air particle from a close-by HIV+ person and the particle remains in my nose hair or nose membrane and then later I go to remove snot from my nose through a lot of rubbing and it bleeds?

I can understand if the HIV particle cannot penetrate intact mucous membranes but could the particle become reactivated if there was a fresh cut?

The weather is cold and my nose is bleeding a lot these days.

Maybe the bleeding + rubbing to get the snot out of the nose will reactivate the lying HIV particles and cause it to become infectious?

Is this possible, Doc?

I've read that HIV is not airborne. Does this mean there are no HIV particles whatsoever that could be in the air and end up in someone else's nose and infect them if there were a fresh wound in the nose? Does the nose incubate HIV particles?

I am not medical expert and what I'm typing might make your eyes roll but I wouldn't be asking if I wasn't worried. Thank you very much Doc. I understand if you do not wish to answe ra question like this. But I am quite worried. Again, Thank you, kind sir.

I hope you're feeling strong today and for many many many more years ahead.



You state: "I know my question might sound a bit looney tunes maximus." I absolutely agree, but would leave off the "might sound a bit" and substitute "is"!

Your fears are totally unwarranted. HIV cannot be transmitted that way.

You also have a misunderstanding about HIV infection. HIV can permeate intact mucous membranes. (It can't permeate intact skin or latex, but it does penetrate mucous membranes.) HIV is not airborne like the common cold or flu viruses. It does not travel in the air.

Dr. Bob