Can it be the HIV magical Cure?Sample for free free free


Hi,I am Dida Ache and coming from a remote town in Kenya East Africa,town called Moyale District of Sololo Division,the town is surrounded by thick forest and no modern hospital around.There is an old man who is a herbalist,he give people mixture of Herbal Medics,and cure them from Malaria,typhoid and many many deceases.One day a woman came to him and told him that she is suffering from HIV and she has lost her husband two years ago after a long battle with Aids,He gave her a type of medicine,but first he told her to have the test before he start giving he the Medicine,She traveled 600 or more miles where she was tested by an Italian Doctor and it was confirmed to be HIV1 and HIV2 positive,he gave he the Medicine and after 21 days she went back to the same hospital and was informed to be HIV1 positive and HIV2 could not be detected,as she was coming from 1250 miles in Nairobi the old man gave her some more of the Medicine and told her to use it for not less than 90 days and not more that 150 days,She did as per description and on completion she was informed to have the HIV test after 7 days from the last day of Medication,she went to test and was informed that she was Negative and went on her interview with UNHCR and now she has been resettled in the USA. Can this be the case,can anyone take the Medicine for research,the old man fears the Government and was told by the local community that his life will be in danger if he try to use the Medicine,I am not sure of all this but know that the Government will harass him. He trust me coz I am the best educated man within our region and he is willing to give out the sample of his magical medicine for free for further research and analysis, I don't want to put him in any risk.Please advice what will we do with this Medicine



Sorry, but as a scientist, I don't believe in magic, magical cures for HIV/AIDS or anecdotal stories. I also find it hard to believe a government would threaten someone's life or even harass them for providing herbal remedies.

Dr. Bob