Can I be HIV-infected after protected drunk sex?



3 days ago I was drunk and had protected anal sex with a complete stranger. We both wore condoms. I don't remember anything of condom slipping off or breaking. He later ejaculated on my face. Some might have got in my eye or mouth. Later we shared a shower together and I left.

Should I be worried about being infected? I am planning on going for HIV-test tomorrow.


Hi there -- Sounds like you had a good time! Unfortunately, most of us have been conditioned to come away from a night of drunken pleasure with a stranger with a sense of fear, dread, and trepidation, as if there must be a punishment for a fun and exciting romp.

Fortunately, the activities you describe put you at near zero risk of acquiring HIV. Although you don't go into great detail, it sounds like he ejaculated only on your face. That, in and of itself, might be messy, but not risky. Detectable levels of HIV must enter your mucous membranes in order to build residence in your body. Just entering your mouth, or even a speck in your eye, would not be enough. [Trust me, you would definitely know if a sufficient quantity of semen entered your eye!].

Of course testing is the only way to know for sure. You may, however, want to wait a couple of weeks before getting tested, given many HIV tests have a window period of 10-21 days. You can always ask the testing site what kind of tests they are using, and what the expected window period might be.

You also don't mention if your partner disclosed his HIV status or not. Perhaps it did not come up in conversation in these exchanges. But keep in mind, if he is HIV negative he cannot transmit HIV to others. And if he is HIV positive, and undetectable for six months or longer, he cannot transmit HIV either (

But based on the events you describe, I don't see a window of opportunity for HIV to have entered you body. If you find yourself concerned about exposure to HIV in the future, you may wish to consider using PrEP to reduce risk by more than 99%: .

Have fun, and good luck!