Can you be HIV and Get Liposuction


Hi I was wondering if it is possible to get liposuction and be HIV, Im HIV 10 yrs now and like someone elsee on this forum I have also gained a lot of weight which would be around the abdominal area and hips and was wonderring is it safe to go for liposuction and be on combination therapy drugs, I know from othr people who had cosmetic surgery they couldnt taake the contraceptive pill for 6 weeks priorr to augmentation so i was wondering if it is safe and possible to continius taking ur drugs whilst getting the surgery, the reason i ask is im findin it hard to get answers from clinics who dont seem to be interested once i say bout the hiv. I'd be very grateful for your help


Yes being HIV+ is not generally a contra indication for undergo liposuction though the published abdominal fat excess on HIV medication the fat is located within the abdominal cavity which is generally not amendale to liposuction. Many insurance companies don't routinely pay for liposuction though there are reports of successful appeals on that general policy. KH