Can HIV Cause Testicle Pain?

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Testicular pain is not a symptom of HIV/AIDS. However, it can be a sign of several other health issues, all of which make it important for you to speak with your primary care provider -- particularly if the pain is severe or has been with you for some time.

Possible Causes of Testicular Pain

Experiencing pain in the testicles has been associated with the following health problems (among others):

  • inflammation in the area (including conditions known as epididymitis, orchitis and prostatitis)
  • inguinal hernia
  • physical injury
  • retracted or undescended testicle
  • spermatocele (an unusual buildup of sperm inside the testicle)
  • testicular tortion (when the testicle becomes twisted)
  • urinary tract infection

If you're concerned that the pain you're experiencing is due to infection with HIV, take heart: It's not. However, sharp or persistent testicular pain is still a sign that something is wrong, and if you're unsure what the problem is or how to resolve it, speaking with a health care professional at your earliest opportunity is an excellent way to find out -- and to potentially avoid much more severe problems down the road due to a lack of treatment for whatever the problem is.

If your fears about HIV/AIDS are related to a recent exposure to the virus, the best way to resolve those fears is by getting an HIV test. It's the best thing you can do not only for your own health, but also to help ensure that HIV does not spread to others (if you do turn out to be HIV positive).

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