How can I help my liver to "clean" the sustances of the HIV medicine in my blood?



I'm HIV positive and I started my medication last month and I would like to know how can I help my liver with all of this medicine (Truvada and Efavirenz). I heard it's too much work for the organs and I would like to take care of my body. Also if I can stop the medication someday and take a natural alternative way.



Thanks for writing. You concern for your liver is important as antiretrovirals, taken daily as they must be, present a stressor on the liver and kidneys.

In my experience the best way to maintain liver and kidney health with all the meds is to minimize use of alcohol and other drugs that increase the stress on those organs. Speak with you doctor before you try herbal remedies or cleansing formulas as there is a possibility they could have interactions with your HIV meds.

Be sure to check out TheBody's Resource Center for Starting HIV Medications which has lots of useful information.