Good day Doctor, i have a finance who is also a medical Doctor, but not on hiv line. i told him about my status since he is negative. but he still wants me. we want to have kids in the future but he is scared of been affected, so how can we have kids without me affecting him and affecting our unborn babies?


Hello and thanks for your post.

There are a number of ways for HIV+ women to safely have children by their HIV- partners. The safest is an artificial insemination strategy (like the infamous "turkey baster") where is sperm is inserted into you (preferably around the time when you're fertile). If you're on HIV medications, your risk of transmission of HIV to him is quite low; low enough for some to suggest that unprotected intercourse would have low risk (for HIV transmission) but could result in pregnancy. In the later case, we've offered the negative partner pre- and post-exposure prophylaxis.

I hope this helps. Good luck, and best of health to both of you.