can you get hiv from vaginal discharge left on toilet seat


I have ocd about hiv,etc. my mom is staying at my house and wipes from back to front. if she left some discharge hanging from my toilet seat and i got it on my toilet paper, can i get hiv. i was told hiv dies as soon as it gets oxygen, but what about the middle of the string of discharge that isn't totally exposed to air? i never saw any, but i was in a hurry and didn't look. should i be worried?



The really amazing thing about your question is that you know that your mom "wipes from back to front."

So even though you never saw any "discharge," you've worried whether your mother's vaginal discharge hanging from your toilet seat could infect you with HIV? Is your mom HIV infected?

Sweetie, not only do you have OCD, but your OCD is OOC (out of control). Your worries are unwarranted. You should talk to your doctor about evaluation and management of your OCD.

Dr. Bob