Can I get HIV through urine?


Hi Ryan, my problem is that I've been in the same pool with a HIV+ person which I learned later and that person claims that she urinated in the pool while swimming near me!?!? By being near her while she urinated I'm afraid that some water with that urine could have gone into my mouth or other places. Is it possible that a transmission could happen through urine? Please respond to this, thank you..


It is extremely unlikely that you would get infected through coming into contact with urine, especially if the contact was through an infected person peeing in a pool. First of all, the amount of HIV in urine is very small and there is no evidence that anyone has ever been infected through contact with urine. Secondly, chemicals in the pool kill bacteria and viruses, which should eliminate the possiblity of the transmission of HIV and other infections. Also, the amount of water in the pool should dilute the already low levels of virus found in urine to non-infectious levels.

Remember, the vast majority of HIV infections occur through sexual contact, blood-to-blood contact, and mother-to-infant.