can i get hiv from receving oral sex


please cau you tell me if i could have contracted the hiv virus rom receving oral sex, dear dr, im a young gay male and i had sex with another guy we both used condoms but he did oral sex on me it lasted for about 2 mins at the most,a couple of weeks ago he found out that his ex-boyfriend his hiv +,im really worried like i said we used protection when having sex but when i was receving oral sex i didnt there was no ejaculation or no pre-cum,should i get tested or do u think im being paranoid about the situation


Getting an HIV test after receiving oral sex is not recommended because the risk of transmission is theoretical only. This means that it's possible that HIV could be transmitted through receiving oral sex, but there is no evidence that HIV IS transmitted through receiving oral sex. When you receive oral sex, your penis is only coming into contact with saliva, which is a fluid that does not transmit HIV. Coming into contact with saliva of infected people, even though saliva can contain low levels of virus, does not seem to lead to infection. This is why we don't see infection occurring though kissing, sharing drinking glasses, or other forms of contact with saliva.

Being a young, sexually active gay man can be difficult because you will encounter people who are HIV positive or who have contact with HIV positive people more than your heterosexual friends (at least here in the U.S.). It's important that you continue to try and have sex with condoms (it sounds like you are), and find outlets to deal with your anxiety about HIV. Contact a nearby AIDS service organzation to see what kind of support is available. See "The Body's Section on Gay Men and HIV" for more info (