Can you get HIV or Hep C from a blood draw?


I went and had my blood drawn the other day, and the nurse brought me back to the room. Then she proceeded to get some tubes that were in the spin down thing. I didn't see her wash her hands or germ-x them. She then started to get the supply together gauze, alcohol prep pad, and had gloves laid out. I turned away as she began to feel for a vein, then I felt her clean my arm with alcohol then she felt one more time, and then stuck me with the needle. After that I turned back to look at her, and she didn't apply gloves. Then she put the gauze on my arm. Is there anyway I could have contracted Hep C or HIV from her touching this blood tubes then drawing my blood without gloves? Should I need to get tested?


Hi This is not a way for HIV transmission to occur. You cannot get HIV from giving blood. HIV transmission occurs when there is a direct exchange of body fluid, semen, vaginal fluid and mother to child transmission through breast milk. This occurring through unprotected vaginal, anal sex and sharing of needles are the highest risk.

Be well and stay safe, Shannon