Can you get HIV by being the giver and not the receiver in Anal sex


Can you possibly advise if it is possible to get HIV by being the giver and not the receiver in anal sex (without protection). Many thanks in advance Matt


Hey Matt,

Obviously you must be yet another victim of home schooling or Dubya's catastrophic abstinence-only-until-marriage sex education program. Your question is a very basic one and demonstrates the complete failure of our current sex education programs to provide even the most rudimentary facts to help our young people avoid STDs, including HIV. (Bravo Dubya, you're doing a heck of a job!)

Matt, unprotected penetrative sex of any type places you at risk of STDs, including HIV. Anal sex carries the highest risk for possible HIV transmission. As with any penetrative sex act (oral, vaginal or anal), the receptive partner (bottom) is at greater risk than the insertive partner (top) when having unprotected sex with an HIV-positive partner. Statistically speaking, insertive anal sex is significantly riskier than vaginal or oral sex. Matt, I strongly suggest you spend some time perusing the wealth of information on this site, in its archives and on its related links. We have whole chapters related to HIV transmission (sexual), HIV prevention (sexual), safer sexual techniques and a wide array of other pertinent HIV topics. Once you've educated yourself with this potential lifesaving information, spread the information on to your friends, OK? Feel free to turn them on to this site. Chances are they have some questions as well.

Stay safe. Stay well.

Dr. Bob