Can you get Hepititus from a beverage?


Recently I bought a 2L carton of original flavour soy drink from the grocery store. When I went to drink it, I couldn't recall if I had already broken the plastic seal on the carton. I remember another incident when I bought a carton of vegetable drink from the same grocery store and when I went to drink it, someone had already opened it therefore I ended up throwing it out.

I am afraid that this carton could have possibly been already opened because I don't remember opening it specifically. I drank about two gulps of it through a straw and decided to dispose the rest of the carton due to my suspicions of it possibly being already opened.

I felt scared and so decided to vomit it out because I was afraid of a contaminated carton.

How long does it take for your body to digest a contaminated soy drink to affect you? Could vomitting it out help minimize any affects of a contaminated drink? What precautions should I keep in mind to be more aware and cautious in the future? I don't want to contract any hepititis or any other disease? please if you can put my worries at ease, I really appreciate it. Thank you.


The only hepatitis that is food-borne is hepatitis A but I have no particular concerns regarding that infection if there is just an issue of the carton being opened. This would only lead to spoilage.

Dr. McGovern