can i get aids through receiving oral sex?


Hi Dr. i received oral sex from one girl for 10 to 15 seconds only. in this case there is no blood in my penis or no blood in her mouth. after a month i went for hiv/aids checking and there is hiv negative. so i want to know in my case is there any risk to get HIV+ please help for that


In general the risk of acquiring HIV from oral sex is less than from vaginal or anal intercourse. Also, the person who performs oral sex is at greater risk than the person who receives it. Therefore, your risk for acquiring HIV is very low. Your first HIV test was negative which is good news. I would suggest repeat testing at 3 months. If your result is negative at that time, no further testing is required. You should also note that oral sex can lead to the transmission of other STDs such as syphilis and gonorrhea. An HIV test result tells you nothing about transmitting other STDs.