Can I Finally Wa-Hoo? Dr, Please Answer


Dr. Bob,

Met this gal in a bar back in April. You know the story. After we were intimate, the condom came off as I was withdrawing.

I tested negative after 6 weeks via the Dr's office. I have also tested negative via a Home Access test after 8 weeks and 82 days. Both Negative. I figured that 84 days was considered conclusive. In that time frame, I have every imaginable symtom of HIV that you could list on the Internet. It was such a huge mistake going out and researching HIV on the web. I have talked to the CDC and they have told me that the HIV-2 which is not tested for in a Home Access kit is so rare that there are only 79 cases reported in the US. I have gotten myself so tied up over this that I am going to seek professional help.

I know that the statistics are heavily in my favor. Please tell me what you think, can I finally Wah-Hoo and start moving on with living?



Sure, I know the story. Boy meets gal, boy tries to impress girl by using King-Kong super-sized condoms, condom slips off boy while withdrawing, boy loses condom, boy loses girl. It's a familiar tale.

OK big guy, relax. Your repeatedly negative HIV tests out to 82 days are conclusive. I agree with the CDC: HIV-2 is so rare as not to be a problem for you. You should WOO-HOO and move on.

Counseling to help you accept your negative HIV status may be very helpful for you.

Follow-up with your general medicine doctor if any symptoms are persisting; however, as you accept your negative status and your anxiety level subsides, I suspect so too will your symptoms.

Good luck.

Dr. Bob