Can excessive gas be part of ARS?


Hi Dr. Bob,

Two quick questions for you:

  1. Is excessive gas considered to be a symptom of ARS? Have you seen it be or can it be?
  2. What about lower abdominal discomfort? Occasional minor sharp pain that may be attributed to the gas issue.

As always thanks for all your help!



  1. No. It's a symptom of eating too many refried beans at Pablo's Ticky Tacky Tacos.

  2. See #1 above.

You're welcome. To decrease your fart-a-thon, try some Gas-X. (It's readily available over the counter.)

As for HIV, stop focusing on potential symptoms. If you placed yourself at risk for HIV, you need to get an HIV test three months after your last potential exposure (whether or not you have any symptoms whatsoever). It really is just that simple and straightforward.

Now light a match and stop worrying! (A few scented candles might be helpful as well.)

Dr. Bob